Title suggestion agreement

We ask you to provide full title detail information: all questions in the suggestion form are mandatory, and you will also be required to upload sample articles in order to complete the suggestion.

If you are not the publisher or editor of the title, or otherwise in a position to provide all the information required, we recommend that you contact the publisher of the title and request that the publisher complete the suggestion form.


I am aware of the general guidelines that Scopus uses to select titles.

Scopus only allows titles to be evaluated when they meet the following minimum criteria:

  • The title should publish peer reviewed content.
  • The title should be published on a regular basis (i.e. have an ISSN that has been confirmed by the ISSN International Centre). To register an ISSN, please visit this page.
  • The title should have English language abstracts and article titles.
  • The title should have references in Roman script.
  • The title should have a publication ethics and publication malpractice statement.